You can’t spell ‘diet’ without ‘die’

… or something like that. I enjoy watching Man vs. Food and Bizarre Foods. I wouldn’t participate in any of the food challenges in the first show (although, thirty or so years ago, I might have), nor would I eat some of the things Andrew Zimmern does.

Thus, my discomfort with the following news stories:

Two people were taken to a hospital after competing in a restaurant’s spicy chilli (sic) challenge – one of them twice.

An Australian man ate two garden slugs on a dare. I imagine he thought they were probably similar to escargot. He’s been in the hospital for a month so far as a result, but they do expect him to live.

Related articles, without the potential for immediate death, include:

A British TV chef has stated that eating pork is the moral equivalent of eating puppies. I’m not sure that I disagree with him, but I will state that I find most puppies to be cuter than most piglets, which is probably why I have qualms about eating dog meat that I don’t have with eating pork. Then again, I’ll eat rabbit, even after having had rabbits as household pets.

And, some scientists are claiming that many plants, including such things as potatoes, ought to be classified as carnivorous plants.

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