Looking for quiet

It’s been a month of busy weekends for me. The first weekend of the month, I went up to Fort Collins to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years. We spent part of Saturday running around the Mini Maker Faire in Loveland. I picked up a PC-duino, and George met an acquaintance at one of the booths who worked with pinball machines, and had even converted one into a display tied to WWNV and its atomic clock.

The next weekend was UkeFest. I missed out on the Thursday night activities, but attended James Hill‘s workshop and concert, workshops with the Ooks of Hazzard and a group from Nebraska called Star Belle (marvelous vocal harmonies), Aldrine Guerrero‘s concert, and played on stage, both with the Denver Ukulele Community group and with the Ooks of Hazzard.

Last weekend was MileHiCon 45. I haven’t attended in a number of years. I had a good time. Among other things, I managed to acquire a couple of passes to a preview showing of Ender’s Game, which I’m looking forward to.

This weekend, I’m looking to do some yard work and cleaning around the house. Probably some cooking and baking, as well. This is what I fixed for dinner last night: chicken breast with a seasoned panko crust, whole-wheat pasta, and a chanterelle mushroom, grape tomato, and shallot sauce.


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