Happy Halloween

Or Hallowe’en, if you prefer to maintain the older spelling that includes punctuation.

I haven’t done much fancy pumpkin carving in recent years, but I did two for decoration this year: one for me, and one for work. This is the one for me:


Here is the one I did for work:


The Darth Vader pumpkin was photographed in a dark room, lit by a candle. The Vesta pumpkin isn’t meant to be lit from inside. Unfortunately, despite the care I took in carving it, the QR code, which is supposed to point you to our website, isn’t recognized by my phone. I don’t know if it’s a matter of contrast, curvature of the surface, the grid not being sufficiently regular, or what have you. Disappointing, but I’m actually not that surprised. At least it looks sorta right.

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