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Dietary dangers

Monday, January 17th, 2011

I was not aware that pistachios are hazardous materials. Much more impressive than the rumors about Pop Rocks.

At least they aren’t poisonous.

Didn’t I see Jimmy Cagney do this in a movie once?

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Fresh bulb lilycelery west fruit in eyes.

Now I’m unpacked

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Lost Luggage

My luggage was delivered to my home Wednesday evening. Ten days after the flight. I’m just glad it was the return trip – if it had happened on the trip out, I’d have gone from Cairo to Aswan to Kom Ombo to Luxor to Cairo to Mt. Sinai to Nuweiba without my luggage. I’d also have been down to one working camera, since the charger for my Canon was in the checked bag – there was a limited amount of room in the backpack I used for my carryon.

The expensive souvenirs (as well as some I really didn’t care if I saw again or not – it’s an embarrassing story) were in the checked bag. They were still there, which is good, because one entire side of the bag was torn out at the seam between the side and the bottom. I’m not blaming Lufthansa for that, because it was a cheap bag I picked up in Cairo. Marion and I both started the trip with Jeep duffel bags that turned out to be a bit small. Mine tore out more quickly than hers, so I replaced it in Cairo the second time we were there. I bought two duffel bags (one large, one small) from a street kiosk. They both had Adidas logos, but were counterfeits. The large bag had an “H. N.” logo on the zipper pulls, and the small bag had “Diesel” zipper pulls. Together, they cost about 110LE (Egyptian pounds, about $19US). They got me through the end of the trip, so I’m fine with it.

I’m glad the expensive souvenirs made it. I’d have been disappointed if they hadn’t – I had two tins of Jordanian baked treats (pistachio mamoul and some pistachio/sesame/peanut things) that cost 26JD in Amman (Jordanian dinar – about $37US) that would cost me over $100 to replace via the web. They’re quite tasty – I may have to see about making some once I run out.

The cartoon at the top of the post was given to me by my boss; she’d been given it by friends who’d been told about my missing bag.

Time flies like an arrow …

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Fruit flies like a banana. I found out just how much when a couple of bananas on a high shelf became “out of sight, out of mind.” I could certainly have used this advice a week or so ago.

Miscellany 7

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

I’m currently clean-shaven, but, when I have a beard, it’s normally the third from the left on this diagram. I would have thought it would be considered more evil than trustworthy.

I’d seen stories about how bad Detroit is (and heard the jokes, such as the one from Kentucky Fried Movie), but I hadn’t realized that it was this bad.

I don’t care much for cilantro. Although I recognize that it’s a vital component in certain salsa recipes, too much of it makes things acquire a lemony soap flavor to me. I remember at an office Christmas dinner many years ago being offered a spoonful of (read: forced to try) a cilantro soup. Yuck! Well, it seems that there is a genetic component to whether you like the flavor of cilantro. I find that easy to believe; I’ve long thought it myself. Personally, I suspect that it’s sex-linked, because most of the people I know who like cilantro are women, and most of the people I know who dislike it are men.

The iPad is a neat toy. I don’t really want one, but I could certainly have fun with one. One of the major complaints is that you can’t print from it. Well, the user community has taken care of that limitation.

Speaking of Apple products, in this case, the iPhone, this third-party app looks interesting.

This also looks like a fun toy.

Yet another reason not to get personalized license plates.

Chords and words for songs by Tom Waits.

How safe are your passwords?

I think I’ve got some ideas for unproductively sucking up more of my free time.

I’ll finish with a few videos. First, a nice version of Moondance on uke:

Next, a trailer for a movie of obvious class and tone:

Finally, a link to the Nova presentation on fractals.

Microwave does not equal campfire

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

This doesn’t appeal to me – I don’t care for marshmallows – but I know people it would delight.

I guess you can’t call it Scotch, though

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Scots are upset because the English are now making their own single-malt whisky. I wouldn’t mind trying it, even if it is a bit expensive for its age.

I’ve been saving a bottle of Stranahan’s for a friend. It is also more expensive than you’d expect for being aged only a few years.

The article notes that the English product “can be officially classed as a whisky as it has been stored for more than three years.” The Stranahan’s bottle notes that it’s been “aged a minimum of two years.” Maybe that’s why they call it “whiskey,” rather than “whisky.”

Tuna or not tuna

Friday, November 27th, 2009

That is the question.

Not a very impressive sale

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Big Sale on Cookware

I can’t say that I’m very impressed.


Thursday, November 12th, 2009

I’ve written before about a main dish that outdoes Turducken. Now we have Turbaconducken to think about.

I’ll get around to trying Turducken someday, but the others are a bit much, I think.